Aanchal Bhatia describes herself as an entrepreneur by profession, psychologist by education and a patient advocate by passion. Aanchal is also CEO of Texas Medical Concierge, a long-standing patient advocacy group with established ties to the top medical institutions around the world, and in conjunction with that organization, she works diligently to provide clients with access to cutting-edge concierge care, private health management, and personalized medicine. Much of what Sydenham has to offer echoes principals found in Bhatia’s book, “Your Doctor Is Not God: How to Be the CEO of Your Own Health,” a self-help chronicle of her own findings about modern medicine.


Meet The Team
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Karan bhatia is an entreprenur who has bridged the gap in the energy sector by facilitating CNG accessibility across India. By proving access to energy in remote areas, Karan had improved the quality of life for millions of people around the nation. He was an active member on the Govt of India’s COVID response task force and is credited for ensuring the oxygen supply of the country remained high. 


The father of two took the helm of Uttam at the age of 21 and has grown the operation internationally in a variety of sectors from energy to manufacturing and healthcare. 


His achievements with Uttam and as a member-leader of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) earned him the title of Entrepreneur of the Year in Clean Energy in 2019 


Actively involved in writing the gas cylinder rules of India 2004 and 2014


First to represent India at the international standards organization for gas cylinders and valves 




Shreenath Mishra

Chief Financial Officer

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Aaryaman Bhatia

Director of Sales & Marketing


Kjeld Johansen

General Manager

Bryan Neusse

Director of Engineering

Anand Sharma

Head of Sales, India

Sumit Saman

Head of Sales, International

Sandeep Bhasin

Head of Production

Ravi Kaul

Director of Human Resources

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Dr. Terry Rice

Medical Director

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Despina Caldwell



Elisa Sosa

Membership Director

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Kenya Tijerina

Office Manager


Dr.Himanshu Mahajan

Concierge Physician

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Dickey Eric

Operations Manager


Yogita Gauba

Medical Data Coordinator


Manish Kapoor

Head of Sales

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Balvinder Singh

Head of Finance


Amit Kumar

Technical Support Manager