In the spirit of 'Uttam,' a Sanskrit word that embodies 'best,' we commit to the highest standards of excellence, nurturing a legacy of positive change and steadfast commitment

Karan bhatia


Karan Bhatia, as the President and CEO of the Uttam Group, stands out as a dynamic and visionary leader in the domains of medical and industrial gases. Taking the helm of the family business at the remarkably young age of 21, Karan has not only continued the legacy of innovation and excellence set by his predecessors but has also significantly expanded the Group’s footprint in both the energy and healthcare sectors. Under his leadership, the Uttam Group has pioneered the introduction of oxygen and composite cylinders in India, setting new standards in the industry and contributing to the nation’s move towards high-tech solutions.

Karan’s leadership extends beyond the confines of the Uttam Group. He plays an active role in the All India Industrial Gases Manufacturers’ Association (AIIGMA), contributing his expertise and insights to further the development and regulation of the gas industry in India. His involvement with AIIGMA underscores his commitment to collaborative growth and innovation within the sector.

In the clean energy sector, Karan has made significant strides by bridging the gap in CNG accessibility across India. His efforts to provide energy solutions in remote areas have fundamentally improved the quality of life for millions, showcasing his dedication to social welfare and sustainable development. During the critical times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Karan’s active participation in the Government of India’s COVID response task force was instrumental in ensuring the uninterrupted supply of oxygen across the country, a contribution that saved countless lives and underscored the vital role of industrial gases in healthcare crises.

Beyond his industrial achievements, Karan is deeply passionate about entrepreneurship and leadership. His involvement in organizations such as the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) and Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) reflects his belief in peer-to-peer leadership and his commitment to fostering a culture of entrepreneurship. Through these platforms, he not only shares his experiences but also gains insights from fellow leaders, continually striving for personal growth and the advancement of his enterprises.

Karan Bhatia’s multifaceted leadership, marked by innovation, social responsibility, and a commitment to excellence, truly embodies the spirit of modern entrepreneurship. His contributions to both the energy and healthcare sectors, combined with his active role in industry associations and entrepreneurial communities, position him as a prominent figure in India’s journey towards innovation and sustainable development.

Aanchal bhatia


Aanchal Bhatia holds the position of Vice President at the Uttam Group, where her entrepreneurial acumen, psychological expertise, and passionate drive for societal betterment significantly influence the conglomerate’s direction. Since joining the group in 2005, Aanchal has played a critical role in overseeing its diverse portfolio, particularly shaping the vision for its healthcare ventures. Her personal experiences with health issues within her family propelled her into healthcare advocacy, emphasizing the empowerment of individuals to adeptly manage the healthcare landscape.

She is the author of “Your Doctor Is Not God: How to Be the CEO of Your Own Health,” a book that encapsulates her valuable insights into modern healthcare practices. Advocating for patient autonomy, the book reflects her conviction in melding traditional Indian wisdom with cutting-edge healthcare innovations.

As the visionary founder and CEO of the Sydenham Clinic, Aanchal revolutionized the concept of precision medicine concierge services. Despite launching amid the global pandemic in 2020, under her stewardship, the clinic quickly became a success story in Houston, Texas. Aanchal is now leading its expansion to Beverly Hills, London, and other key global cities, aiming to make precision healthcare accessible worldwide.

In addition to her roles within the Uttam Group, Aanchal founded Breathe Easy India, further highlighting her commitment to healthcare innovation and community welfare.

Aanchal’s commitment to women’s leadership is highlighted by her active roles in the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), where she champions the empowerment of female entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Vivek Khanna

Chief Operating Officer

With over fifteen years of high-intensity experience, specializing in the conception, development, and management of startups and profit centres, Vivek’s career is characterized by a steadfast commitment to driving customer-centric outcomes. His professional journey is rooted in the healthcare sector, encompassing a broad spectrum of domains including Hospital Management, Home Healthcare, Diagnostics, Health-Tech, Medical Tourism, and Medical Devices.

In his role with Uttam Group, Vivek has been expanding his expertise into the clean energy sector, learning new principles and focusing on the transformative potential of composite cylinders & its global applications for global energy. As COO, his role is pivotal in driving change, applying strategic insights from promoters vision & his healthcare background to promote sustainability and innovation in energy solutions.

Academically, Vivek fortified by a post-graduate degree from IIMC and an accolade as a Gold Medallist from Amity University, reflecting both his theoretical grounding and practical excellence.

Throughout his career, he has navigated the complexities of ideation, development, and deployment across various healthcare verticals, addressing challenges inherent to operations of varying scales. Vivek’s approach is deeply entrepreneurial, characterized by agility and a capability to steer organizations towards comprehensive outcomes, regardless of the prevailing circumstances.

Vivek excels in foundational setup and driving exponential growth for businesses by employing disruptive, innovative strategies. His expertise lies in cultivating both consumer-centric brands, drawing on profound market insights, and fostering B2B commerce through value-based marketing initiatives. Vivek’s leadership philosophy is deeply people-oriented, prioritizing the development of high-performance teams through mentorship over management.

As a seasoned executive, his ambition is to leverage this extensive background to establish and nurture nimble-footed organizations, ensuring their sustainable growth and operational excellence. His strategic acumen, coupled with a passion for transformative leadership, positions me uniquely to contribute at the highest levels of organizational strategy and execution.