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Thoroughly tested to applicable global design standards and regulations, G-Stor™ Pro cylinders are used in a variety of applications around the world: such as transit buses; light, medium and heavy-duty trucks; refuse vehicles and bulk gas transportation modules.

Thanks to our unique liner-processing technology, G-Stor Pro cylinders are the highest-capacity, lightest-weight Type 3 alternative fuel cylinders in the world. Because they are 66 percent lighter than Type 1 all-steel cylinders and up to 16 percent lighter than other composite cylinders in the NGV industry, these Luxfer cylinders offer fleet operators greatly improved fuel economy, extended range and a significant reduction in vehicle maintenance costs due to lessened wear on vehicle brakes, tires and suspension systems. On retrofit applications, using G-Stor Pro cylinders reduces suspension-system alterations and improves vehicle handling.

Alternative fuel: G-Stor™ Pro – carbon composite type 3 cylinders