Innovating for a
healthier planet

The Uttam Group operates through two primary verticals, Clean Energy and Healthcare, each contributing significantly to the Group’s mission of advancing sustainable solutions and enhancing healthcare infrastructure globally.

Uttam Cylinders: This manufacturing entity specializes in the production of CNG and hydrogen composite cylinders, along with special systems for the transportation, storage, and on-site filling of clean fuels. It innovates in creating virtual gas pipelines or bulk gas transport systems, which are pivotal in making clean energy accessible and viable for widespread use. The focus on composite cylinders highlights the Group’s commitment to safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

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Uttam Clean Energy: As a service-oriented company, Uttam Clean Energy offers logistics solutions for the transportation of clean energy molecules in a tech-enabled manner. This division plays a critical role in changing the energy infrastructure in India and other developing countries by facilitating the efficient and safe distribution of clean energy resources. The company’s efforts are instrumental in bridging the gap between clean energy production and its end-use, ensuring that renewable energy sources become more integrated into the existing energy

We make Clean Energy happen

Uttam Clean Energy Private Limited (UCEPL) is an entity of Uttam Group with a 100-year-old legacy & engaged in diverse business activities including Gases, Clean energy, and Healthcare.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are dedicated to providing efficient, innovative and environmentally responsible technology-backed logistics solutions for the safe and reliable transportation of clean energy.

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