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Bulk Gas Transportation

We have our production facilities in INDIA & CALIFORNIA manufacturing a wide range of innovative environment-friendly products. The Bulk gas transportation system with type III cylinders is one of them. The Multi-Element Gas Containment (MEGC) systems are made of space-grade carbon composite with the aluminium lined cylinder. This ultra-lightweight cylinder cascade shows up to 70% weight reduction on truck load & an enormous advantage in cost effective gas transportation needs. High gas carrying capacity of the cascades leads to efficient supply chain & reduces carbon footprints.

Bulk Gas Transport
Mobile Refueling Unit

Mobile Refuelling Unit

Ashvath is a mobile CNG refuelling unit with an ultra-lightweight type III cylinder cascade & has an enormous advantage in cost-effective CNG refuelling needs. High gas carrying capacity cascades are an efficient supply chain & reduce carbon footprints. These units empower the users to start their operations of CNG delivery at the fleet owner’s doorstep, at a fraction of the cost of a daughter booster station. thus reducing the long queues at CNG stations. 



On-Board Storage System

Type 3 cylinders, greatly improved fuel economy, increased range and a significant reduction in vehicle maintenance costs because they lessen wear and tear on brakes, tires and suspension systems. Allowing faster fills and more usable gas for long hall buses and trucks.
On Board Storage System
Special Application

Special Application

We’re constantly innovating to produce the most advanced technological solutions designed to ensure the reliable and rapid deployment of life safety systems.
Our cylinders are lightweight, durable, efficient and versatile, enabling greater innovation across the whole industry.

Our aerospace cylinders provide rapid deployment safety equipment to keep you safe in the air. From aeroplane egress slides to helicopter float systems, we’re with you in even the most extreme conditions.