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Alternate Fuel - Applications

We supply alternative fuel cylinders for all major forms of transportation, including buses, trucks, trains, forklifts, boats and aviation – so whatever you need us for, we’re ready to go.

This ultra-lightweight cylinder cascade shows up to 70% weight reduction on truck load & an enormous advantage in cost effective gas transportation needs.

Type 3 cylinders, greatly improved fuel economy, increased range and a significant reduction in vehicle maintenance costs because they lessen wear and tear on brakes, tires and suspension systems.

Ashvath is a mobile CNG refuelling unit with an ultra-lightweight type III cylinder cascade & has an enormous advantage in cost-effective CNG refuelling needs. High gas carrying capacity cascades are an efficient supply chain & reduce carbon footprints.

CNG and hydrogen fuel cell-powered solutions will transform your delivery fleet and help you meet your company’s environmental goals.

Using CNG or hydrogen for your transit fleet provides a cost-effective fuel solution with a comparable range as diesel but without the harmful emissions.

CNG and hydrogen fuel cell-powered solutions will provide your fleet comparable power with the benefits of fast filling and a long driving range.

CNG-powered refuse trucks typically have the same range and fueling times as their diesel counterparts, but are much quieter and have reduced maintenance costs.

school districts in the US rely on CNG buses. Our solutions can help reduce emissions, improve passenger health, and lowering maintenance and running costs.

Hydrogen offers many benefits to marine transport – fewer moving parts, quieter operation and fume free. An efficient and clean alternative.

Zero-emission solutions for the rail industry allowing near-silent operation, improved service possibilities and massively reduced infrastructure costs.


Fuel-celled powered drones can fly for much longer offering significant benefits to film, inspection, and inventory scanning industries.

With a higher energy to mass ratio than batteries, hydrogen fuel cells last longer and can be refueled quicker, making them a great fit warehouses and distribution centers.