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The Uttam Group’s journey, from its inception in the early 1900s to its status today as a leader in the gases and healthcare industry, is a tale of vision, innovation, and unwavering dedication. Initially leading trade in commodities such as dry fruits, nuts, and spices, the family laid a strong foundation in commerce that would pave the way for future industrial endeavors.

The transformation into an industrial powerhouse began with Dr. Panna Lal Bhatia, a visionary who navigated the complexities of a turbulent India during its partition. Growing up across both sides of the newly divided nation, Dr. Bhatia’s experiences shaped his understanding of resilience and unity. His academic pursuit took him to East Germany in the 1960s, where he studied mechanical engineering, equipping him with the skills and knowledge to pioneer the Group’s flagship company, Uttam Air Products, over fifty years ago.

Dr. Bhatia was not only an industrialist but also a poet and intellectual, whose philosophical outlook and creative spirit infused the Group with a unique cultural ethos. He fostered a family environment within the organization, extending warmth and a sense of belonging to the Uttam team and its customers alike. This culture of inclusivity and care is a testament to his leadership and continues to be a guiding principle for the Group.

Beyond his contributions to the business, Dr. Bhatia was deeply involved in the community and had the foresight to contribute to the industry at large by forming The All India Gas Manufacturers Association (AIIGMA). This pivotal role in establishing AIIGMA underscored his commitment to the broader industry’s growth and collaboration, highlighting his role as a forward-thinking leader.

Today, the Uttam Group operates with the legacy and culture instilled by Dr. Panna Lal Bhatia, upholding the values of innovation, community involvement, and the creation of a familial environment for all its stakeholders. The Group’s transition from a trading entity to a significant industrial and healthcare conglomerate reflects its adaptability, vision, and the enduring influence of its founder’s principles.

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Our Journey

Our History

From Our Founder’s Desk

Our flagship company Uttam Air products was founded in the year 1972 by Dr Panna Lal Bhatia shortly after returning from his Doctrate in Mechanical Engineering from The Technische Universität Dresden.

Under his leadership and guidance not only did the company benefit but the entire Indian Gas Industry as a whole. He founded The All India Industrial Gas Manufacturers Association now commonly known as AIIGMA, which is the sole representative body of gases, gas cylinders, related equipment and safety manufacturers in India. The Association was formed in 1975 and its Membership today includes almost all the Indian and International companies in the country engaged in the production of gasses and allied equipments.

Being a philanthropist and an Industry leader he contributed to society through his various leading roles in Associations such as the Rotary Club, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) and the PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PHDCCI). He was instrumental in representing the gas Industry and working with the various Development Panels for Industrial and Medical Gases constituted by the Ministry of Industry, Government of India.

He was fondly referred to as “Bauji” by all. Memories of his flair for urdu poetry are present in the in-numerous hearts he touched as a friend, philosopher or guide. He inspired and led often by quoting phrases and couplets like 

Dr. Panna Lal Bhatia

(1939 – 2009)

“Girte hai sheh Savar Maidane Jang Mein
Woh Tifle Kya girenge jo ghutno ke bal chalte hai”

“Only expert riders fall in a battle field,how would a child fall ,who crawls on his knees.”


“Himmate Marde, Marde mad dai khuda”

“Fortune favors the bold”

Dr Bhatia’s values and ambitions are evident in the ideology of each member of the Uttam family.