Uttam Group of Companies

Pushing The Human Race


From wielding what powers the sun to harnessing the ability of genomic medicine, the Uttam group of Companies strives to provide humanity with cutting-edge solutions

Established in the year 1900 the group is primarily established in manufacturing and distribution of medical and industrial gases, high pressure lightweight aluminium alloy and carbon composite gas cylinders, allied equipment and global homecare and healthcare solutions. Uttam Group serves customers in key growth markets and has business verticals catering to medical and homecare, industrial safety, fuel & energy, automotive, recreational and defence.

Steadfast in pursuit of our business vision and corporate values, we have developed new lines of business with exciting new product development. Undiluted focus on end deliverable quality with an impeccable customer delight reputation ensures that we remain the preferred supplier of pioneering products and services, always.



Joint venture between Uttam Air and Air Liquid


Joint venture between Uttam Cylinder and Luxfer Gas Cylinder to manufacture type 1 cylinders


Acquisition of Luxfer’s shareholding in Luxfer Uttam India


Acquisition of Catalina Composite to manufacture composite cylinders inGarden Grove California USA


President & CEO

Karan is an entrepreneur who has bridged the gap in the energy sector by facilitating CNG accessibility across India. By providing access to energy in remote areas, Karan had improved the quality of life for millions of people around the nation. He was an active member on the Govt of India’s COVID response task force and is credited for ensuring the oxygen supply of the country remained high. 

His achievements with Uttam and as a member-leader of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) earned him the title of Entrepreneur of the Year in Clean Energy in 2019 

Karan Bhatia - Uttam
Aanchal Bhatia - Uttam



Aanchal describes herself as an entrepreneur by profession, psychologist by education and a patient advocate by passion. Aanchal is also CEO of Sydenham Clinic and Texas Medical Concierge, a long-standing patient advocacy group with established ties to the top medical institutions around the world, and in conjunction with that organization, she works diligently to provide clients with access to cutting-edge concierge care, private health management, and personalized medicine. Much of what Sydenham has to offer echoes principals found in Bhatia’s book, “Your Doctor Is Not God: How to Be the CEO of Your Own Health,” a self-help chronicle of her own findings about modern medicine.

Management TEAM

Sandeep Bhasin - Uttam

Vice President - Operations & AF

Sumit Saman - Uttam

Vice President - Finance & Legal

Aaryaman Bhatia - Uttam

Director of Sales & Marketing

Ray Denny - Uttam

Plant Manager

Vision & Values

The Uttam coat of arms signifies our core values which we uphold across all our endeavours. Each value is represented by a mythological symbol that has stood the test of time. There are –

The lion stands for COURAGE
to uphold values and ethics

Unicorn signifies COMPATIBILITY with fellow colleagues for synchronised achievement of goals

Rings denote COMMITMENT to provide exceptional value to customers first

Fruit and leaves signify well researched interactive COMMUNICATION that connects both external and internal customers with unmatched value

Crown symbolizes COMPETENCE to progressively leverage best technologies and processes to be market leaders