automatic switch cabinet

Automatic Switch Cabinet

Fully Automatic Changeover Medical Gas Manifold
The fully automatic changeover manifold is designed to provide a reliable uninterrupted supply of gas to a hospital or clinic’s medical gas pipeline system.

Manifold Design
The fully automatic changeover manifold consists of a manifold control and two supply bank headers, one
service and one secondary supply to provide an uninterrupted supply of gas for the specific gas application. Nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide units. A thermostatically controlled heater warms the gas before entering the primary regulator, preventing “freeze-up”. The manifold control includes the following components and features: green “in service”, yellow “ready for use”, and red “bank depleted” indicator lights, digital readouts for both cylinder pressure and line pressure, internal intermediate and line pressure gauge, internal dual line assembly and line relief valve. The control unit automatically switches to the secondary bank when the service bank is depleted. When the depleted cylinders are replaced with full cylinders, the system will automatically reset itself in preparation for the next bank change.

The only manual activity required by the manifold control is the changing of the depleted cylinders.