gas mixers

Gas Mixers

Gas mixers are commonly used for argon, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen and oxygen. The mixer is suitable for different applications such as welding, modified atmosphere packaging, process control and other similar applications.

FIXED RATIO MIXERS : The gas mixture is preset at the factory.

VARIABLE RATIO MIXERS : The gas mixture can be adjusted by the end user. The mixture adjustment knob is located inside the lockable control box.

The supply gases are individually filtered at the inlet of the mixer to remove particles. the pressure of each gas is then regulated at the exact same pressure before entering their respective flow restrictors. The flow restrictors are adjusted to ensure the requested gas mixture. The gases are blended in a mixing tee before entering the surge tank. The tank is constantly monitored by a pressure switch which actuates the solenoid valve on and off to allow the mixture to fill the surge tank at a constant pressure and flow. The mixture pressure is controlled by a line regulator before entering the pipeline.