Eagle Eye

We at Uttam are driven to be Industry leaders in offering our customers the best Cutting edge technology available to increase their efficiency. We are the first in the counry to deploy a unique Sattelite controlled Storage and Delivery tracking system that enables:

  • Remote Monitoring Of storage Vessels.
  • Remote Monitoring Of Transport Vessels.
  • Automatic modification of tank replenishment.
  • Transmitting data of consumption pattern, accurate level of liquid in the vessel.
  • Management of deliveries to ensure that liquid level in tank does not reach stock out.
  • Daily Reorts detailing Consumption pattern.
  • Warnings and optimal fill scheduling.
With multi-locations within the national capital region, we are the quickest, safest and technologically superior solution for our Customers. We offer a flexible range of bulk gas designs and capacities to accommodate space, equipment demands and operating requirements. Expert technical assistance accompanies every system to verify proper sizing of tanks, interconnecting piping layout, gas applications and related factors.