Luxfer Uttam India, a Joint venture entity of Luxfer Gas Cylinders, the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminium high-pressure gas cylinders has now started its world class manufacturing facility in India . Established in 1898, Luxfer Gas Cylinders has grown to become the world leader in the development, production and supply of seamless, extruded aluminium and composite high-pressure cylinders for the storage of gases. With manufacturing sites in France, U.K, India ,North America and sales offices across the globe, Luxfer Gas Cylinders is positioned to meet all your high-pressure gas storage needs, whether global or local.

A member of the Luxfer Group of companies, Luxfer Gas Cylinders serves customers in major gas markets, including medical, life support, beverage, fire, scuba and specialty gases. No company offers a broader range of aluminium and composite gas cylinder products. Luxfer has grown to be a world leader in product quality and in product safety, with innovative programs for the markets it serves. With nearly 40 million cylinders already in service in more than 50 countries, Luxfer Gas Cylinders is truly setting the standard worldwide.

Manufacturing process

For its all-metal cylinders, Luxfer employs a hydraulic ram to press and shape a solid aluminium billet into a hollow shell, the open top of which is then closed and threaded. The result is a seamless, lightweight aluminium cylinder with a consistent wall thickness and naturally non-corrosive oxide finish that make it ideal for the high-pressure storage of gases.

Composite cylinders feature a thin-walled aluminium core that is hoop- or full-wrapped in layers of carbon or fiberglass filaments.

  • Extruding: Pressure of up to 4,000 tons of compressive load presses solid billets into hollow shell.
  • Closing: Warm-forming presses uniformly gather neck.
  • Heating: Heat-treating strengthens cylinder.
  • Threading: Both parallel and tapered threads are available.
  • Testing: Hydrostatic testing assures quality.
  • Finishing: Standard or custom paints and brushing are options.