anaesthic gas scavenging systems

Anesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems

Anaesthetic gas scavenging systems (AGSS) transport exhaled and waste anaesthetic gases from the exhaust valve of an anaesthetic ventilator or anaesthetic breathing system into the atmosphere at a safe location away from the operating theatre. The AGSS incorporates a mechanical pump to assist with the disposal of the waste gases. AGSS consist of transfer, receiving and disposal components. The transfer hose conveys waste gases from the breathing system to the AGSS receiving reservoir.

The receiving reservoir incorporates an air break to allow entrainment of room air and prevent negative pressure being applied to the breathing system. The receiving system hose conveys the mixture of waste anaesthetic gas and room air from the receiving reservoir to the terminal unit placed at the entry to the disposal system.

The AGSS Plant is designed to supply single or multiple AGSS terminal units . It comprises of Single or Duplex formats that are Chassis mounted ready for installation, Or Wall or floor mounting available for single units. Anti-vibration mountings are a standard feature and the units are fitted in-line non-return valves allow individual pump servicing.