ct scanning mixtures

C T Scanning Mixtures

Computerized Tomography (CT) Scanning

With the emergence of multidetector-row computed tomography (CT) it is now possible to image both structure and function via use of a single imaging modality. Use of stable xenon gas for Xenon-enhanced CT scanning is a method of computed tomography (CT scanning) used for neuroimaging in which the subject inhales xenon gas while CT images are made. The method can be used to assess changes in cerebral blood flow in the period shortly after a traumatic brain injury. The diffusion of the gas into the tissues shows how much blood flow each area is getting.

Xenon helps produce better X-rays signals with reduced amounts of radiation; enhances contrast in CT imaging for determining blood flow. It enhances imaging contrast of brain scanners.

Xenon along with Krypton and Neon falls in the category of "rare" gases, since combined they only account for one thousandth of the air which surround us. These colorless and tasteless gases cannot sustain life. They are so inert that they do not react and can only be combined with other chemical substances with great difficulty. Their extreme inertness makes them very valuable for certain applications. The name xenon comes from the Greek word ξένον (xenon), neuter singular form of ξένος (xenos), meaning foreign, strange, or host.

It is also used in other industries such as:

  • Glass, Cement and Lime
  • Space and Aeronautics
  • Electronics, Plasma and Light bulb Industry