laser gases

Laser Gases

Carbon dioxide lasers provide a highly efficient means of performing many surgical procedures, particularly those where significant blood loss is anticipated or where highly sterile conditions are required.

Carbon dioxide lasers produce intensive infrared radiation that can be focused to vaporize areas of tissue smaller than a millimeter. The flow-through CO2 laser produces this radiation by exciting the gas molecules of a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium inside a discharge tube, which converts electrical energy to optical energy.

This laser beam is optically transmitted to either a hand piece or a microscope. Nitrogen is used to cool the laser head and help remove surgical debris.

Uttam supplies a complete line of laser mixtures to support all of the major brands of surgical carbon dioxide lasers. Because many of the lasers on the market today house the gas mixture inside the laser cabinet, a full selection of cylinder sizes is available.

Medical Laser Gas Mixtures

  • 37% Carbon Dioxide, Balance Nitrogen
  • 4.5% Carbon Dioxide, 13.5% Nitrogen, Balance Nitrogen
  • 7% Carbon Dioxide, 14% Nitrogen, Balance Nitrogen
  • 9% Carbon Dioxide, 15% Nitrogen, Balance Helium
  • 9.4% Carbon Dioxide, 19.2% Nitrogen, Balance Helium


Custom Medical Laser Gas Mixtures

  • 5.5% Carbon Dioxide, 5.5% Nitrogen, Balance Nitrogen

Laser Nitrogen

  • Laser Nitrogen, Nitrogen 99.95% (Pure Gas)