Medical Equipment

At Uttam Air Products, we offer lots of Medical Products & Equipments. Some of which are as as follows:

Medical Gases Medical Equipments
  • Therapy Gases (Medical Drug Gases)
  • Diagnostic Gases (Medical Device Gases)
  • Pulmonary Functions Mixtures (Lung Diffusion)
  • Anaerobic and Aerobic Mixtures
  • Laser Gases
  • C T Scanning Mixtures
  • Sterilant Gases
  • Instrument Gases
  • Oxygen I.P. grade
  • Nitrous Oxide I.P. Grade
  • Liquid Medical Oxygen
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Zero Air
  • Nitrous oxide-oxygen mixture (Pain Relief)
  • Blood Gas mixture
  • High Pressure Gas Cylinders
  • Argon/Methane
  • Nitrogen/Hydrogen
  • Oxygen/Nitrogen
  • Helium/Oxygen

Environment , Quality and Safety

Uttam is committed to be an industrial leader in quality, health, safety and environment processes. Our areas of key focus comprise not only quality but equally include highest standards concerning safety and environmental aspects

Its various manufacturing units are Eco friendly with zero pollutants.