paintball cylinder

Paintball Cylinder

Luxfer Uttam Gas Cylinders manufactures the widest range of aluminium and carbon-composite paintball cylinders in the world. With an unmatched record for safety and performance, Luxfer Uttam paintball cylinders have proven to be the strongest, safest and most durable available. By providing the most advanced products and unsurpassed levels of customer service and technical support, Luxfer Uttam Gas Cylinders makes it easy for paintball players of all levels to stay ahead of the game.

Luxfer Uttam has pioneered developments in paintball cylinder technology to provide the strength, durability and lightness of weight necessary for a longer-lasting, more enjoyable game.

Luxfer Uttam routinely destroys cylinders in every batch to ensure optimum integrity and performance. To achieve the highest standards of quality and safety, all Luxfer Uttam paintball cylinders are rigorously tested both by highly trained Luxfer Uttam technicians and independent inspection agencies.

Taking Care of Your Cylinder

Take care of your cylinder and it will give you years of safe use!


  • Always keep the threads and inside of your cylinder dry and free from oil, dirt and other contaminants.
  • Always make sure that your cylinder is within its retest period. Cylinders must be inspected and hydrostatically tested as follows:
    o aluminium cylinders – every 10 years
    o Composite cylinders – every 5 years (subject to national regulations)
    NOTE : Composite cylinders have a maximum life of 15 years from their original hydrostatic test date.
  • Always keep the outside of your cylinder clean, using only mild soap or a neutral detergent cleaning solution when necessary. Thoroughly dry the cylinder after cleaning.
  • Always store the cylinder in a cool, dry area with adequate ventilation.
  • Always have your cylinder serviced only by trained personnel.
  • Always make sure that all cylinder attachments are maintained, serviced, inspected and handled in strict accordance with manufacturers’ instructions.



  • Never alter or obscure cylinder markings.
  • Never allow your cylinder to roll around while traveling.
  • Never drop, strike or heat your cylinder.
  • Never expose your cylinder to excessive heat (see temperature guidelines above).
  • Never attempt to modify the threads or force a valve into your cylinder.
  • Never remove metal from your cylinder (removing metal could make the cylinder unsafe for the rated pressure containment).
  • Never modify your cylinder by adding extra openings for gauges or filling ports.
  • Never repaint your cylinder with paints that require stoving or heating at elevated temperatures. Only use air-drying paints.
  • Never use caustic paint strippers or corrosive cleaners that will damage the cylinder.
  • Never use the cylinder for anything other than the purpose for which it was designed.